Posted: 01/11/2018 08:32:24
by Karel Benák (Standard support level)
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in our application, I sign an XML document using a certificate that is stored on a smart card but I access it using Windows My storage. Sometimes the signature fails and we get the following error message:
Signing failed: Win32 error: 2148073485 ---> SBCryptoProvWin32.EElWin32CryptoProviderError: Signing failed: Win32 error: 2148073485
   v SBCryptoProvWin32.TElWin32CryptoProvider.SignFinal(TElCustomCryptoContext Context, Byte[]& Buffer, Int32 StartIndex, Int32& Size, TElCPParameters Params, TSBProgressFunc ProgressFunc, Object ProgressData)
   v SBPublicKeyCrypto.TElRSAPublicKeyCrypto.SignFinal()
   v SBPublicKeyCrypto.TElPublicKeyCrypto.InternalSignDetached()
   v SBPublicKeyCrypto.TElPublicKeyCrypto.SignDetached(Byte[] InBuffer, Int32 InIndex, Int32 InSize, Byte[]& OutBuffer, Int32 OutIndex, Int32& OutSize)
   v SBXMLSig.TElXMLSigner.SignRSA(Byte[] Buf, TElRSAKeyMaterial KeyMaterial, Int16 AMethod)
   v SBXMLSig.TElXMLSigner.CalculateSignatureValue(Byte[] Buf)
   v SBXMLSig.TElXMLSigner.Save(TElXMLDOMNode& Node)

Could you please advise me where to look for the cause of the problem?
Thank you



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